What We Do

Popsicube-Fovea is a contract research organization (CRO) that provides support to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries in the form of clinical research services outsourced on a contract basis

We Innovate & Design

We are innovative and design our health future actively

Popsicube-fovea is not only a CRO. We act in several collaborative projects in the area of future of health, like personnalized and predictive medecine, artificial intelligence where our mixed expertises in clinical and new technology have great interest.

  • Clinical Services.
  • DataManagement, Biostatistics.
  • Innovative data collection tools, secured gateway, biosensors…
  • Tailor made applications

We design clinical study that work for people. We have built a deep expertise in the clinical domain over the last 29 years. We have a strong capability and track record in clinical study design and strategy.

We love what we do. We enjoy the complexity of clinical trials logistics and its challenges. We like to work hand-in-hand with people – our clients, investigators, patients, nurses – to develop and put on the market new compounds, devices or treatment.

Quality Comes First

FOVEA obtained the ISO 9001 Certification of its Quality System on December 7th, 2000 thus becoming one of the very first CROs certified in France.

Investigator for innovation in clinical trial

Our Capabilities

Our seniority staff and deep network bring a wealth of experience and know-how that allows us to provide cost-efficient CRO services and a more fulsome solution to our sponsors.


Expertise in Many Therapeutic Areas

Popsicube-Fovea has managed to build a high reputation for more than 29 years. We have a large expertise in many therapeutic areas. We propose a Global Management of projects: from conception to study report and communication documents Referenced in several big size companies


How We Accomplish

Collectively, our team brings vast experience and a track record of timely and efficient delivery of Phase II through IV studies. Popsicube-Fovea has offices located in Europe, China and the United States.

Our History

Established in 2004, PopsiCube is a french innovative independent contract research organization (CRO) fully owned by it’s funders.

At the early beginning, PopsiCube was a clinical eTool company focusing in development of software for clinical research. Our expertise stems from many years of experience spent inside the largest CROs or pharmaceutical companies in the both side : clinical and IT.

We always considered IT as a valuable tool and as a way to improve and industrialize processes in Clinical Research.

In 2007, Popsicube changed it’s model with idea to become a full services Clinical CRO.
In 2010, we open an office in Philadelphia (USA).
In 2014, Ni Hao ! Popsicube china opens in Wuhan, Hubei province.
Also in 2014, PopsiCube bought Mission TEC, a niche CRO based in Toulouse (south of France). Mission TEC created in 2002, provide In-Home and In-Hospital clinical research services.
In 2017, PopsiCube acquired FOVEA-GROUP, a really early clinical CRO born in 1988. By this acquisition we gain seniority staff, expertise in many therapeutic areas and referencing in several big size companies.

Today the Popsicube-Fovea Head Office is situated near Paris, with regional offices in Toulouse and Normandy – providing easy access to the most important population centers in France.  Supported by International staff across the world.

In addition, we offer worldwide reach to our clients through key external partnerships and strategic alliances, with partners in the Europe, Canada,  and ASIA.

The combination of an agile and flexible contract research organization (CRO), coupled with the ability to confidently manage very large projects allows us to move a project from initial planning stage to recruitment with dramatic speed and cost efficiency.

Our Mission
Our mission is to accelerate the development of new treatments by applying innovation and efficiency to the design and conduct of clinical trials. We accomplish this by working with our sponsors to not only deliver the clinical trial effectively, on time and within budget, but also by leveraging our in-depth expertise to ensure the clinical trial is designed with efficiency.
Our Goals
Popsicube-Fovea is an independant CRO who organise and conduct clinical trials to test the new molecule, devices or treatments in humans. As independent companies, we offer an objective assessment of a new treatment in the clinical setting and, because we partner with many companies, we offer broader experience than if the sponsor company organised the trials themselves.
About CRO Growth
Growth for the CRO sector is expected to hover between 6% and 7% over the next 5 years and should reach $45bn in 2022. The factors contributing to this growth include increasing R&D, outsourcing and M&A activity, patent expirations, as well as government organizations assigning projects to the CROs.

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Qualified and Experienced Agents

Seniority of the staff with a low level of turn-over: the guarantee to keep the same team all along your projects

Best Offers

Cost effectiveness, price, and affordability.


We align process and technology so that you benefit from fast delivery and predictable outcomes.